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How to convert JPG (JPEG) to Word

Step 1

Choose one of the available apps to choose from. They differ slightly in functionality. Upload a JPG or JPEG image to the site using the upload window.

Step 2

After finishing the upload, make the necessary settings. Please note that you can convert with or without OCR using various applications, depending on what you need.

Step 3

After a while, the conversion will be completed and you can download the Word file to your device. Check the result and share our site with your friends.


Converting JPG to Word and How Text Recognition works

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a system that converts JPG / JPEG images, for example, photographs of printed text, files in PDF format, as well as scanned documents, into text formats Microsoft Word, DOC, DOCX with the possibility of further editing and the presence of search in them. Today there is no need to retype the existing text, wasting on this precious time. Multifunctional devices help to cope with this work, which perform it in several stages, freeing a person from this tedious procedure. Software recognition of scanned text and images allows you to quickly convert graphic data into digital. The resulting files can be edited.
OCR uses neural networks to search and recognize text in images. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to convert JPG photo text images into an editable text format that supports the ability to search for text in a document, copy and edit it. Our service will help you extract the text content of images and papers so that you can work with them more conveniently. If you do not need text recognition, but only a regular conversion, then select the conversion mode at the top of the site. In this case, as a result of converting JPG to Word, you will receive a Word file containing the original images stretched to fill the entire page by 100%.


Find out why converting JPG to Word on our website is the perfect choice


You can convert your JPG / JPEG picture or photo to Word document. As a result of this transformation, you will have a Word document with your image on the document page.

Text Recognition

You will be able to recognize text in your images and convert it to editable Microsoft Word format - DOC or DOCX. All the most popular languages of the world are available for recognition.


We guarantee complete safety and confidentiality of the information contained in your documents that you upload through our service and to the servers of our partners.

Any Device

You can use our service both from your computer and from your mobile phone - on iOS or Android. Regardless of the platform, you will get the same high-quality result.


You can evaluate the convenience of converting JPG to Word yourself through our website. We can only note that you do not need to install anything on your computer.

Is Free

JPG2WORD has always been, is and will be absolutely free for users. We make money on advertising, so we will be grateful if you disable the ad blocker for our site.

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When creating website we thought about your convenience. We wanted to create the most convenient product from all points of view, and we think we succeeded.

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